I've Got It Covered - Guide


Beautifully designed with simplicity and organization in mind.  This guide stores all of your personal, financial, legal & social medica information all in one place for effortless location of the information when needed.  When you are called to your eternal resting place, it will gently guide your loved ones step-by-step through  the process of closing your life .  Having this information readily available when needed, will save you and your loved ones considerable time, money, effort and undue frustration during one of their most difficult times. 

in this guide , you will record (write) all of your information such as:

Personal information, important contact names & phone numbers, account numbers, passwords, social media information, assets, banking information, all insurance information, medical information, legal documents obtained,where everything is located and even how to care for your pets after you're gone!

There are also valuable tips throughout the guide such as:  How to Safely Dispose of Unused or Expired  Medications, Who Will Need Death Certificates, How to Obtain Death Certificates, Where to Take Your Pets if  Your Family Can't Keep Them, What Important Legal Documents  You Have & Where They Are Kept, Last Wishes and the list goes on...


It is recommended that you keep all your important information in one secure location.

When this guide is combined with the I've Got It Covered Organizational Binder , literally everything you and your loved one's will need will be all in one place.  

I've Got it Covered