The I've Got It Covered Organizational system is designed to be combined with the I've Got It Covered Guide. When combined,  you and your family members will literally have everything you will need at your fingertips when needed.

The Guide is where you record the information, the organizer is where you store your policies, id cards, statements, contracts etc...

Organizers Include:


  1. Medicare/ Health Insurance - Medicare Overview (A,B,C, D + Part B premium information) How to read your Medicare Part A & B Summary Notices  You should also place a copy of your Medicare card here.  Place health insurance policies , ID cards,  claim forms,Explanation of Benefits (EOB) here
  2. Supplemental Coverage Home Health/ Short Term etc.

     How to Read Your Explanation of Benefits - Place your supplemental insurance  policies, claim forms,         Explanation of  Benefits (EOB) notices and extra ID cards here.

  1. Rx Coverage Medicare/Group/Individual Assistance - How to read the Medicare Explanation of Benefits Notice - Place your Rx coverage/policy information, Explanation of Benefits notice (EOB) & extra ID cards here. 
  2. Dental / Vision - place your Dental/Vision policies, claim forms & extra ID cards here.
  3. Life/Cancer/Specified Disease - Place your Life, Cancer/Specified Disease policies, Explanation of Benefits EOB's, claim forms & ID cards here.
  4. Social Security - Maximizing Your SS Benefits, Spousal Benefits, Widow Benefits, Caring for a Disabled Child. Place a copy of your Social Security card here as well as statements etc...
  5. Pension - Place all of your Pension information, forms etc. here.
  6. Assets (401k, IRA) & Annnuities - Place all of you Annuity contracts, IRA, 401k (assets) statements & information here.
  7. Power of Attorney(s)  -  Durable Health Care POA, Durable Financial POA, Financial Durable General POA, Real Estate POA,  Limited POA & Vehicle POA.
  8. Long Term Care - Place your LTC policy, claim forms & ID Cards here.
  9. Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) - PLEASE NOTE:  If you will be making copies of this form, it must be copied onto bright orange paper letter or wallet size to be considered valid (in AZ). You can also attach a picture to the form.
  10. Living Will (Advance Directive) & Last Will & Testament.​​​​​



All legal forms are included.  They are state specific, and will need to be completed and notarized.

Some legal forms may need to be registered with your state, the Guide will tell you which ones.

The more ifnormation you have, the bigger the binder you will need. 




I've Got it Covered: Organizer